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Culture Crawl offers art experiences and holiday shopping, Nov. 13 in Hamilton. Tickets cost $25 and can be purchased at ClayWorks! or Chapter One Book Store. Empty bowls is an international project and all proceeds of this event will go to local food banks and agencies in need. Chapter One Book Store, located at 252 Main St. in Hamilton, during Culture Crawl is celebrating the holidays with a special children’s video activity. Come by from noon to 3 p.m. and enjoy the activity and check out the vast selection of holiday children’s books which make great gifts too! Art City, at 407 Main St. in Hamilton, is an artist-run gallery featuring locally made art and craft work.

Chris Hadfield at his home in Toronto. He did three tours in space himself, and spent five months aboard the space station as its first Canadian commander. He retired in 2013 and did not want to succumb to the ennui that envelops many ex-astronauts who feel that their best days are behind them. “The Apollo Murders” was published this week. “We saw too many people who had retired and floundered,” Helene Hadfield said in a follow-up interview. “We’d been talking about it for years, what makes someone happy, and one of the plans for our post-astronaut life was that he would write a book.” Her husband set out to write a golden-age space thriller, but he didn’t want to tamper with the past by putting real astronauts in fake situations. So he invented an alternate history, in which Apollo 18 — a real mission that was canceled during the Nixon administration — went ahead, as a spy mission. “Right after Apollo 17 is an incredibly ripe time,” he said.

Curbside pharmacy service will remain open during normal hours while the store is closed. The store closed its doors at 2 pm Tuesday to begin the cleaning and restocking process. When reached for comment, store management confirmed the building’s temporary closure but could not comment on the reasoning or if it was a corporate decision. KREX reached out to Walmart Media Relations and received the following statement: “Without going into specifics, we have a team at the Home Office that evaluates criteria related to stores and the communities we serve. When that data reaches certain thresholds, we make the decision to get ahead of the situation and proactively close the store for cleaning and sanitizing. We plan to reopen tomorrow at 6 a.m.” “COVID-19 cases are continuing to rise in our area, COVID-19 hospitalizations are at an all-time high”, said Montrose County Public Health Medical Advisor Dr. Joseph Adragna in a press release from November 5. According to the COVID-19 dial dashboard , Montrose County has a one-week average positivity rate of 14.3%. While there have been over 600 confirmed positives over the last week, the county has six days of declining or stable hospitalizations. Currently, there are no public health orders go to this web-site in place for Montrose County. KREX will continue to update you as more details come available.